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Frequent asked questions

Why is there no "registration button" on your website ?

Zweardistributionshop is a website intented for B2B Resellers.
When located in india you need a GSTIN number to purchase from us. 
Customers who do not have a GSTIN number we advice to contact our E-Commerce partner  Whuso E-commerce solutions (www.zumbashop.in

How do i become a B2B customer ?

File a request with all your company details incl. GSTIN number on our contact page
An account manager will contact you and setup an account with wholesale pricing. 

Do you also offer Zumba® Classes or Zumba® trainings?

Z-Wear distribution India is the exclusive import partner for Zumba® Wear and Strong ID™ merchandise. 
We do not offer any Zumba® classes or Zumba® Trainings.  For more information visit zumba.com

How frequently do new products get imported in India?

Depending on the collection releases, Z-Wear Distribution India imports new products on a monthly basis. 

I don't see any instructor (ZIN™) specific products on your website? 

This is correct, instructor products will only become visible when being logged in with your account. 

Do you also sell clearance bulk offers ? 

Yes from time to time we have clearance offers available, please apply for an account if this would interest you. 

Do you have retail stores which we can visit? 

Z-Wear Distribution India does not own any retail stores, we do partner with local gyms, dance studios, retail stores or Z-Tailers with popup shop offering products at events.
For more information visit our company webiste for more details. 

Which apparel categories are your selling ? 

We are selling men, women and children category products such as : Racebacks, Tanktops,t-shirts, bra's, crop tops, ankle Leggings, capri leggings, sweate shirts, socks, fitness gloves, cargo pants, shorts, dry fit products, jackets, hoodies, footwear and accessories, 

Are Zumba® products only for attendees of a Zumba® class ? 

Defenitely not, Zumba® Wear and Strong ID™ both are fashionable brands which you can wear as streetwear. 
Our footwear are high quality shoes, often equipped with the Z-Slide technology, which strongly prevent injury to the knees and tendons, but are also very fashionable as streetwear product at the same time.

Which other countries we can buy your products ? 

Z-Wear Distribution services India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. 
Other international distributors you can find here. 

What is the price point of Zumba® and Strong ID™ apparel? 

Zumba® products stand for high quality and durable products with high-end frabics, the newest production technologies and prints. 
Commonly used in our products are Spandex, Lycra®, Mesh Acetate, demin and rayon. 
We are well aware our customers intensively use our products and create apparel which last a long time. 
Not only do our products come at high performance quality, our designs outperform most brands in that same leisure category. 
Zumba® apparel comes at a quality comparable with the other high premium brands, but at a much lower price point. 

What is Lycra?

Lycra® is an elastic fiber that makes fabrics even more flexible. It ensures a perfect fit, wearing comfort and freedom of movement. Lycra® has a stretching capacity of up to 600% and can be combined with almost any other fibre. The quality and properties of the main fibers in the fabric are preserved and, thanks to Lycra®, supplemented with the desired elasticity.

Are there any minium quantities which need to be purchased? 

As a B2B customer we expect your to buy a minium order quantity, which can be discussed with your account manager. 
For new resellers we try to be flexible, and help them start up their business. 
Consumers can shop on www.zumbashop.in

How to ensure that i m buying original Zumba® Wear products? 

Fighting counterfeit products is a high priority at Zumba® Fitness, but in many cases counterfeit product can still be found in the market. 
These type of products, often found at questionable prices, mainly damage the consumers experience often by receiving products which don't last very long, prints which come off, or allergic reaction to added chemicals. It obviously also damages the brands image, as we stand for a supreme quality product. If any counterfeit products are found in the market they can be reported to : Ip@zumba.com. The safest way to get a hand on original Zumba® Wear and Strong ID™ products is buying it directly from the official importer such as Z-Wear distribution India. 

How can i become a brand ambassador for your products in India? 

Z-wear Distribution India is not looking for any general brand-promoting influencers at this moment. 
We expect our ambassadors to be experts in wearing sports apparel. 
As an ambassador you need to have product expertise, a healthy lifestyle, and a proven record of followers. 
Eligible ambassadors can apply on our contact page, providing all necessary information on their social accounts and background. 

Can you tell me something about the Zumba® Story, how it started, and what it is about? 

We probably could talk hours about the program, but we feel that this video shows some great insight.